Fashion Meets Profession: What's in My Dagne Dover Legend Tote

Have you ever watched a "Whats in my bag?" video? For the longest time, I was addicted to knowing what bags women were carrying and what they carried in them. 

At this point, you're probably thinking that I'm one nosey lady or you're just as intrigued as I am. I hope you're the latter haha. 

So in the spirit of nosey-ness and intrigue, I'm going to share with you what I keep in my Dagne Dover Legend Tote during the weekdays.

You can also feel free to silently (keyword silently) judge me for what I "need" during the weekdays, yes I know some of them are weird!

The Dagne Dover Legend Tote

My tote is about a year old and I decided to take the plunge and buy it after trying out multiple totes that lacked organization or style. For a while, it seemed that style and functionality were inversely proportional and that I would never find something that I loved. Cue Dagne Dover! One day I was on Pinterest looking for "stylish work totes" and I eventually came across Dagne. 

I'm no stranger to designer handbags and since the Legend Tote is $265, I thought it was a steal if it ended my search for a truly stylish work bag. So against Rick's wishes and a small lecture of responsible spending- I bought it. Because duh babe, this IS responsible spending.

There are multiple sizes that you can purchase the tote in, I decided on the largest but they also have medium, small, and mini sizes. The bag is made of a canvas material and has genuine leather trim, which is great for me since I work and teach in labs. There is also accent hardware in a brushed gold finish that I absolutely love (it is a pain to find gold hardware on work bags). Inside the bag it features a drop zipper opening, making it super easy to open it up and dig; a large phone pocket that fits my iPhone plus; a padded 15 in laptop sleeve with magnetic closure; bottle/cup holder; an extra long key leash; pen loops; and 2 slip pockets to organize your chargers and cords.

 I know I'm convincing you now! And NO I'm not a paid advertiser for Dagne, I just looooove their bags.

What's Inside Mine?

So what is inside my work bag? Well, pretty much everything!

Kate Spade Wallet. Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers and this wallet has been my tried and true because it's the only wallet I haven't got bored of and works great with any purse. Not to mention it has tons of pockets for organization.

Key Leash. I love the included key leash that doubles as my hair tye holder. It really is the perfect length to where I don't have to take my keys off the leash to open my front door. SCORE!

Hempz Body Moisturizer & EOS Chapstick. You've probably heard of someone that is obsessed with lotion and chapstick. Usually, they have some line like "I can't live without it!" Well, I'm so dependent and bothered by dry skin that I made Rick pull over on the way to San Francisco to buy these because I forgot mine at home. So now I've designated it as my work bag stock. Fun fact: I'm actually allergic to a lot of lotions and chapsticks because of the menthol in them.

Extra Strength Tylenol. I don't usually use Tylenol, but I always seem to get a headache at the worst times so I kept this from a recent bachelorette party survival bag. As you can see I survived the bachelorette party haha. But seriously, you never know when you're going to need Tylenol.

Sugar-Free Kool-Aid. I'm a huge connoisseur of sparkling water and I'm in a love affair with Bubly and Perrier, but what do I do when I have to drink peasant- I mean tap- water? In reality, I don't consume carbs or sugar so this an emergency packet just in case I have a sweets craving.

Loft Waffle Print Cardigan. I think half my closet is Loft and the other half is Old Navy. They captured my cute, comfy, old lady vibe so perfectly that I don't even entertain the idea of going to other stores anymore. Maybe one day I'll get so bad that I'll take after the old CEO of Apple and just wear the same outfit every day. I can dream... for now.

Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones. I recently bought these a couple weeks ago, I was looking for wireless headphones to replace my old wired Beats. A few of my fellow graduate school friends recommended these because you can download an app and control the type of sound you want. So literally these headphones can sound however your little heart desires them to sound, which is AWESOME! I love them so much that I bought a pair for Rick and he takes his to work. And did I mention they're a steal at $100?!

Si Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani. Rick was tired of me smelling bad so he bought me this super cute perfume. I'm just kidding haha, this was a nice just-because-gift from him after finishing my first year of graduate school. I personally love rollerball perfume because I can actually finish one in a month or two and not have to end up throwing a huge bottle of perfume away. If you like a light floral but still a deep musky wood smell then try this one out next time. It's definitely modern feminine. 

Pentel Quick Click Pencil and Idlewild Co Pen. You probably can't tell but I love clean modern accessories. Don't think about all the crap I carry, just believe the words you're reading right now haha. I really like the pencil, it's super comfortable to use and has ample eraser potential but the lead is a size 7 and I prefer smaller like size 5. Other than that no complaints on the pencil, looks and writes great. The pen is my ABSOLUTE favorite expensive pen I've ever invested in. It writes great and I get so many compliments on it. I'm slowly beginning to believe that part of being professional and put together is having a nice pen.

Trader Joe's Organic Roasted Teriyaki Seaweed. I was never a huge fan of seaweed until I started dating Rick (he's Japanese). He comes from a family of hoarders so we now hoard seaweed and he loves to put them in all of my bags because I get hangry easily. I want to believe he does it because he loves me and doesn't want me to suffer, but I also know he doesn't want to suffer and listen to my hangry sass haha. True love, I know. If you're debating living with your boyfriend... this could be your life.

Mac Multi-Toggle and Charger. When I bought my MacBook Pro I noticed it only had two lightening ports... 2 LIGHTNING PORTS PEOPLE! So I got this multi-toggle for $80 and it includes 3 USB ports, HDMI port, charger port, mini SD card port, and a standard SD card port. It's great unless you forget it... then you're... well you know. There's also the charger, which you know... charges my MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro. This is my first Macbook ever! I can't believe it took me until graduate school to finally invest in one. I've been living my life under a rock and I'm never going back. 

New Orleans French Quarter Mug. Rick and I are HUUUUGE New Orleans Saints fans. If you don't know what sport that is well... we can't be friends. Ok, I've decided to forgive you. Many years ago for our 1 year anniversary, Rick took me to New Orleans during Christmas time. It was one of the best trips of my life; we stayed in a beautiful hotel, went to every historical site possible, ate at Commander's Palace, and had fabulous tickets to a Saints game. I also ate my weight in beignets, but we won't talk about that. When we got home he surprised me with the mug and I've loved it ever since. But that's not exactly why I carry it around in my work tote haha. The collaborative workspace that I go to in DT Fresno has a community Keurig so I bring my own mug to cut down on disposable cups. Recycling is romantic.

Keycard and Work Keys. To open my lab and the Graduate Writing Center. Nothing interesting here.

Rayban Glasses Case. It was during my junior year at UC Santa Cruz that I realized I couldn't see the screen during lecture. Turns out I can't see past 12 feet so I wear glasses now. Fun fact: Rick and I have the same prescription and shared glasses for 2 years. This year I went to get new glasses and forced Rick to buy a pair too because I was tired of sharing. Once again, this is what you get to look forward to if you live with your partner. You can say we were a match made in LensCrafters.

Missing: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan. I just started reading this book last night after I finished The Couple Next Door and forgot to put it in my bag. Usually, I keep a book or my Nintendo Switch with me just in case I have some downtime depending on what experiments I'm doing that day.

MAN O' MAN! That was a mission writing all of that down. I think I need to minimize my purse contents a little. What are some of the things that are missing from my bag that YOU feel like you can't live without? Share in the comments and let me know!

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