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Proposal Block? Here’s a Quick Guide to Overcoming One

Proposal writing, or any academic writing, can be a daunting tasking if you’ve never written academically. Even undergrad doesn’t prepare you for what writing tasks you will have in graduate school, which is frustrating.
However, that’s ok because I’m here to guide you through the proposal writing process that should get you an awesome proposal draft by the end!
If you’re just diving into this article, I would recommend starting with the previous article Here’s My Exact Guide to Starting Your Proposal
Gather the Literature
If you’ve read last week’s article on starting a proposal, then you should have already started gathering your facts (i.e. gathering literature). I usually advise my students to gather about 20 articles that are new/recently published, groundbreaking articles for your topic, articles that don’t agree with your topic and proposed research method, articles with methods similar to yours but are slightly different, and general articles about your field.
Once you’ve gathered …

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