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6 Tips on How to Travel in Graduate School Without the Guilt

I was listening to an interesting podcast episode the other day about how addicted we are to technology and how it’s even more escalated for people that have jobs that exceed past brick and mortar workplaces and/or are related to social media.
The description probably sounds a lot like graduate students and even more specifically, graduate students that share their experience on social media.
Inspired by the episode, I decided to become more aware of my technology and working habits and looked back on how my technology dependence has changed in my past 2 years of graduate school.Let me tell you, it was not a beautiful realization. During my undergrad years, while I was living in Santa Cruz, CA, I rarely went anywhere with my computer and would only bring it with me if I was going to a coffee shop or friends house to work. At the beginning of graduate school, on the other hand, my computer was constantly with me and little defined a working space and a space of leisure in my life. If the…

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