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Could COVID-19 Change How we Teach Science in the Future: Is the Time of Laboratory Experiments Coming to an End?

Science has always been regarded as a hands on experience, where students not only learn through lecture but then are given the opportunity to experience what they have learned. Unfortunately, during these uncertain times of COVID-19, learning science has been moved online and teachers have made attempts to create virtual activities. This migration has led some administrators, teachers, and researchers to question the impact of hands on experiences in science.Science Education Pre-PandemicStudents’ hands on experiences are usually in the form of lab activities. Often, students listen to a lecture about a scientific topic and then conduct a lab activity related to that topic. Conventional lab activities usually contain the same set of items: 1) Protocol 2) Data collection sheet 3) Results worksheet and 4) Follow up questions. The conventional lab approach is praised by many science teachers as effective in introducing students to a wide array of topics in a short amount of …

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