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CSUPERB Biotech Conference 2019

This year I was fortunate enough to not only attend the CSUPERB Biotechnology Conference, but I was also fortunate enough to present at it as well.
Being able to attend the conference was important for me because I was previously in the University of California System and never got to attend in undergrad. I was also super excited about the conference because it highlights the research and achievements that the CSU System is currently making- a system that I am interested in for future employment.
The CSU System is the largest university system in the United States with 23 campuses, +484K students, and +50K staff and faculty. Approximately 100,000 students graduate a year from the CSU system, and it is the country’s largest producer of bachelor’s degrees.
So, naturally, I needed to check this thing out!
Day 1:

CSU Affinity Network on Cancer Education and Research
In order to attend this workshop, a couple of girlfriends and I drove down from Fresno to Garden Grove the day be…

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